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Hope In Darkness

Hope in Darkness (Armistice Centenary Poem) And all around Fields churned to Black and death. Life and colour Bled and drained. The world was darkness. As if colour Had never existed. A world of nonexistence Erased to nothing. A lull, a crack In thunder skies Revealed colour. Hope distant, Almost untouchable. Eyes closed, And black turned life To vivid colour Death was no more. Only hope. _____________________________ A poem in commemoration of the centenary to mark 100 years since the end of the 'Great War', the First World War. A war that slips further from conscious thought as those who were there have all now passed. But it is for us to remember. And honour the fallen. Of that war and those subsequent. The futility of war, the utter waste and devastation. But moreover, the sacrifice of the selfless many. Ordered to fight. And who faced death for our freedom. And out of the blackness of war, the fortunate few emerged into colour..and that colour was hope. Photo: A tunnelled path, Castle Ward, Northern Ireland. 

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