• Tony Frobisher

The Sun Wept, Cold (Morning Attack)

The Sun Wept, Cold (Morning Attack) A frozen sun emerged From the grasp of an icy night. Imagined warmth from the glow, But it was just an illusion. Uniformed shapes tossed and shivered. Eyes flickering in dreams, Shaking in fear of morning. The nightmares of sleep More welcome than the reality That awaited the day. No heat. No warmth. No comfort. A stinging sun desertion, As dark cold surrounded everything. Bones, brittle that ached And cracked like splintering twigs. The men had yet to wake, A bitter silence penetrated deep. Their breath glistened in clouds, A gasp, a chill exhalation, Trench mud and blood hardened in the night. Unyielding, unaccepting. As the sun rose, sad and ashamed. No chorus to welcome the dawn. The cold had seized the songs From those foolish birds which Had thought to stay. The sun brought the roar Of shell and the crack of gunfire A whistle pierced the din Over the top they ran Mouths contorted in screams And fear cramping thought. They ran. Some a yard, Some a few. Bullets black, unseen Announced a final morning, Following the coldest night. And where they fell, frozen forever The sun wept cold, For warmth would not return And the birds refused to sing. _____________________________ We will remember them. 11/11/1918 - 11/11/2018 

#remembrance #armistice #neverforget #war #peace #history

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