• Tony Frobisher

The Heart of Dublin

The Heart of Dublin Strong flowed the Liffey, Arterial, pumping life In Dublin heart. Cross Ha'Penny Bridge The taciturn stop and Gather thought. Watching the river, Liffey lit Beneath brooding skies That threaten to break. Those indiscriminate raindrops Scattering thousand feet Around Dublin streets. But for some the smiles remain. For nothing will dampen their joy, They will never tire or weather And still flows the Liffey, Swelling with a city's pride. Come bring your rains! Until the parting clouds Beckon the sun and delighted eyes, To shine over The Fair City's silvered heart again. _____________________________ A tribute to Dublin and the River Liffey. Dublin, a poet's inspiration. The history and people, the architecture and labyrinthine streets, the lyrical accent and poignant or riotous melodies of Irish song. But at its heart, the River Liffey. Quietly ever present. Like a heartbeat, seldom felt, but essential. The life blood and soul of this wonderful city.

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