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Beach Days

Beach Days

Beach days

And searing rays

Under a sky that smiles

On golden miles

Of sand and shore

And lazy sunbathers

That craved more

Hours in repose

As the sun steady rose

And clouds remained

A distance thought

And rain had never fallen.

Weeks of heat

On scolding streets

That drove the weekenders

To out of office replies

Their humdrum key-bored sighs

Replaced by sand whipped

Into ice cream cones

By the winds blown

Around the feet of the queues

Patiently waiting for a 99.

Mr Whippy smiles as Greensleeves

Drifted on the summer breeze.

The shrieks of the children jumping waves

Toes dipped into a sea of constant cold

Never growing old

The grandfather in a striped deck chair

His eyes closed to the exact same scene

Sits and sips the air of memory

A beach in joyful view, 60 years ago

Hand in hand as the bandstand played

Sunday tunes along the prom

The strollers walked as if on parade

Love clasped between entwined fingers

Hear that music now

As the laughter lingers

And the beach days are the best days

Carefree and hours long

The beach picnickers sit swatting wasps

From jam, cake and scone

And the waves lap beneath the pier

Where the teenagers meet

And love is renewed

On beach days and smouldering heat

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