• Tony Frobisher



An old wooden jetty

Where a boy once sat

Casting rod and line

To doubtful fish that surfaced

To watch the boy in wasteful hours

For no fish would bite

But it didn’t matter

The boy sat swinging legs

Counting the waves

And single, lonely clouds

Beading sweat to join the sea

Would these days ever end?

Holidays where the smell of the sea

Sent the boy to sleep, comforted

By the cries of the seagull flocks,

A happy sound recalled.

Holidays in perpetuity,

Of innocence, of peace.

The beating sun sending happiness

Trickling down his back.

That boy, sat in idle thought,

Pursuing nothing, except those playful fish,

That teased the line but never bit,

Safe beneath the old wooden jetty.

Where time was cast

Into the sparkling green,

Hours gone, but never wasted.

For tomorrow he would again return

#childhood #fishing #holidays #summer #happiness #memories

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