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Abandon Window

Abandon Window Abandon window. The snow has come The paths have turned To blanket thick. They will not come. Abandon window. They will not come to you. Not yet. Wait. Until the snows have gone And a world of green returns. Abandon window. How many snowflakes Can you catch passing In blizzard blur? They are all memories. Abandon window. Let them rest. Even the spirits need to sleep. But in the snow drift pillows You may see them. Abandon window. Evening dark returns snow To black and light-less form It will be there tomorrow But they will not come. _____________________________ Even the spirits need to sleep. Be patient. They will return. _____________________________ At this time of year, the void of loss and bereavement is filled with the sadness of longing. People partying and celebrating, joy and laughter. But for many, it is a time of reflection, of memory, wishing they were with you. I wish all the members of this wonderful group a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

And for those like me who have lost, may the memories be beautiful and their voices ever present. 

For Milla xxxxxx

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