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Peterborough Voices (Shopping in England)

Peterborough Voices (Shopping in England) Dneska to není tak zima It's not that cold today smiled the Czechs while the city-folk paraded in thick coats and frozen faces Vai mēs saņemsim kafiju? Shall we get a coffee asked the happy Latvians, ready to return to Riga in the warm coffee-smoke Potrzebujemy trochę chleba od Morrisona We need some bread from Morrison's, the Pole reminded her husband, English bread they had learnt to love Eu esqueci de postar essa carta I forgot to post that letter the Portuguese remembered with a sigh, but it meant another pleasant stroll later through this quiet town Il miglior cappuccino in città! The best cappuccino in town the Italian sarcastically laughed, happy that at least it was served at the right temperature Umalis ang tren sa loob ng 20 minuto The train leaves in 20 minutes the Filipinos shouted as they ran past, eager to spend a day in the chaos of London Маркс и Спенсер получили продажу на Marks and Spencer have got a sale on, the Russians chatted breezily by the Cathedral entrance, entranced by the juxtaposition of history and quality underwear انا احب هذا المكان I like it here, the Syrian girl said as she smiled at her mother and father, and they walked on peaceful streets, unafraid at last And all the streets were awash in voices, spilling smiles in a hundred tongues, all different, but all here. A harmony of words, all different, but delighting in the same air And all the streets were one. And every face present was different. But they were all here. And here was home. Domov Mājas Dom Casa Casa Bahay Главна الصفحة الرئيسي Home _____________________________ Walk through many provinicial towns and cities in England and the people you pass speak a multitude of languages. Their voices speak in foreign tongues, but speak of life. And of family and friendship and of home. It creates a soundscape and community that is richer and nore diverse than ever. It is as if the city has become the world. 

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