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The Faintest Glow

The Faintest Glow The day had long passed. A chill sunset dissolved in The hardened pitch of a coal-night. I stood on the clifftop Staring at the curtain-black Where winds tossed sea-sounds. My feet felt for the black-line Where the ground softened and Crumbled near the cliff edge. The winds whispered their constant displeasure, As the sea joined with imperceptible sky. No moon light penetrated the night-cloud. Out of the sea-black Shone the faintest glow And the grey-welcome of first light. The faintest glow emerged And the winds lost their bite And slunk away ashamed The stillness of dawn Arrived as the sea-sound faded And darkness separated from wave tops And the faintest glow Grew to a burning rebirth Hope returns! A night survived, Hope burnt bright As the faintest glow Extinguished night. _____________________________ For some a year can be subsumed in the darkness of sadness, loss, grief, depression, illness, desperation. But the year ends, as does the night. And the future can appear hopeful. We only need see the faintest glow emerge.

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