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A Kick in the Wallet...As Ever

A Kick in the Wallet...As Ever The January platform As cold, windswept and bitter As ever. The first train of the year As late, depressing and souless As ever. The seats swamped As full of morose faces As ever. The aisles packed As intolerable and uncomfortable As ever. The arrival delayed As late to work As ever. The ticket fare increased As expensive and insulting As ever. The kick in the wallet As premediated and uncaring As ever. _____________________________ Since the 1990's rail passenger numbers in the UK have doubled. Yet since privatisation the quality of service delivered has fallen... Punctuality, overcrowding, staff strikes and discontent, timetable chaos, cancellations and delays all continue to afflict the wearied and browbeaten commuters and passengers. And again such crashing failure is compounded by another annual above inflation 3% fare increase. Some route fares are now above £1 per mile. Rail fares have increased an average 36% since 2010. Puntuality is the worst in 13 year. Rail fragmentation since privatisation has served to line the pockets of franchise operators, and added to costs, while investment is so far behind our European neighbours. All at the neglect of passengers. Another kick in the wallet. 

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