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Solid, Liquid

Solid, Liquid Solid was the bullet sound The bombs and screams of hate Liquid was the blood-flow The tears and uncertain fate Solid was a distant shoreline Liquid was our here Solid was our hope Liquid was our fear Solid was salvation Liquid pain and loss Solid was the beginning Liquid an end, our human cost _____________________________________ The safety of land, the uncertainty of a sea crossing, crammed into a boat or dinghy, overcrowded with desperate people... refugees, migrants. All fearing liquid, all praying for solidity under foot. But sadly so many never feel soild ground again. Lost to life...lost at sea. No second chance. No better life. How desperate to have to choose to make the decision to risk crossing the sea, at its whim and mercy, in the hope that dry land on the other side will lead to a safer, better life. 

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