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News Feed On Click Read Anger Reaction Aggression Exasperation Cage rattling Name calling Chest thumping I Know More Than You You Don't Know Anything Snowflakes and Gammons Ooh you're hard Behind your keyboard Swearing and threatening Red faced swearing frenzy Hate spewing aching fingers Raging, ranting, shouting SHOUTING BANG Same time tomorrow? Have a good day Spleen vented Rage gone Relaxed Smiling Calm Off _____________________________ Just another day on Antisocial Media. Twitter and Facebook have become the domain of the rant, the insult, the unkindness, uncaring, insensitive and unpleasant. The amount of vitriol poured through keyboards on every issue is astonishing. And everyone is right. Of course. No one else's opinion has validity, merit or credence. When it all becomes a bit silly step away. Don't click and read, react and respond. It will exacerbate stress and be only negative. Take a break..Switch off social media. It is cathartic and restorative. But if you already have you won't be reading this....😒 Be kind. 

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