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Influencer Send me some stuff, Something to promote. Something to sell And I'll tell all my sheep. Let me bleat on and on About what to where And what to buy, From a lonely bedroom In front of a video camera lens. Spouting views and opinions, Paid for by the suits and ties, In London's faceless offices. Don't wear plaid Or I won't get paid And pastels are so Last year and so are you. Suck the life out of creativity, Spontaneity forgotten. An evident script of shit, That dribbles and bleeds Don't bite the hand that feeds, Don't think for yourself. Everyone wants to influence And not be left on the shelf. It's a 'job' to influence, To peddle and meddle In the choices of others. Big Brother wears Zara. He's watching you, Sizing you up. Magnetize, monetize But still you buy it _____________________________ A slightly ranting poem....all I hear these days is how the youth of today aspire to be a Youtuber, an influencer, a Vlogger. Call me cynical, but to influence is to persuade and cause someone to think or behave differently. People paid by companies to promote and market stuff. That we do not need. Can't people make up their own minds? Can't people resist the influence of clothing companies? Fashion is utter bs. No one should be told what they HAVE to wear and what is 'in' or not this 'season'. Think for yourself. Wear what you want. What makes you comfortable. Turn off the influencers. 

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