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Blame The Immigrants

Blame The Immigrants Blame the immigrants, For it is all their fault And always was Never ours, just because We need someone to blame In the face of our shame For our failures and loss Find someone else to blame At any cost Remember the 70's, 80's, 90's past Good times flowed Shame they didn't last. When we bathed in a glow of perma-sun-rays, Of halcyon days and happy memories. There was no three day week, No miners' strikes, No winters of discontent, No inflationary price hikes. No emigrant exodus No IRA bombs, No monkey chants at the football, No National Front scum. No poverty and inner city strife, No riots by marginalised youths, Tired of a life, Into which they were trapped, A destiny mapped by the constraints, Of a society that seemed not to care. But don't worry, Because the immigrants from Poland The Czech Republic and Latvia weren't there, But it was still their fault. Blame the immigrants For the NHS crisis, Blame the immigrants For creating ISIS. Blame the immigrants Because Brexit talks fail, Blame the immigrants The war weary refugees on benefits in the Daily Mail. Blame the immigrants Because the schools are full, Blame the immigrants For the kids who think carrying a knife is cool. Blame the immigrants Because it's not safe to walk in the dark, Blame the immigrants For Syria and Libya and Iraq. Blame the immigrants Because the shops are shut, Blame the immigrants Because police numbers are cut. Blame the immigrants Because in 3 years my pay hasn't risen, Blame the immigrants Because record numbers of criminals are in prison. Blame the immigrants Because 5,000 jobs at Land Rover are lost, Blame the immigrants At any cost. Except to ourselves. _________________________ If you read some of the newspapers and twitter feeds, you would be forgiven for thinking the ills of our country and society in general were down entirely to immigrants who have come to Britain. 

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