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Political Apologies

Political Apologies I heard a politician say sorry once Admit their mistakes And try to move on A second chance To do the right thing For the people they represent Who voted them in. To stand on a platform And promise the earth To sit in parliament Debate and shout and pourn scorn And mirth at the misfortune Of their fellow elected members On the right or the left or The exasperated third parties Who just want a say. But no. It's the left or the right way The no one is wrong way, Because they never make mistakes. Did you say this? Is it a yes or a no? The constant verbal dribble pours out and flows "It's not a case of this, it's a case of that" Evasive, defensive, engaging, persuasive, yet Brattish behaviour in democracy's home A house of ill repute The braying zone The mocking guffaws, the shouts and hear hears But the one thing that will rarely reach your ears Is a heartfelt apology A sincere admission of fault And when one comes along It's a weakness, a wound from which The opposition take pleasure To rub in more salt Sorry, we trusted this self serving mob But could someone with scruples and morals Do a better job? I heard a politician say sorry once And once was enough for them. ___________________________ Politics is in a sorry state. 2 years of tit for tat Brexit argument, negotiation, subterfuge and disagreement. Lies, damn lies and politics. Yet you seldom hear that single word from any elected representative of the people. Sorry. 

#politics #Brexit #society #socialcomment

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