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Veganuary (An Ode to Chocolate Past)

Veganuary (An Ode to Chocolate Past) Veganuary Beganuary, Without the dairy, The milk, the butter, the cheese. An overnight plant transition, Conducted with ease. But then the test Of ultimate resolve, Leftover from Christmas And as yet unsolved. A mountain of milk chocolate Staring you in the face Quality Street and Roses unwrapped, Left emotions all over the place. But then you think of the animals, And the waistline too. And those biscuit boxes And chocolate tins unopened You'll give away as presents To someone else who, You hope, will one day see sense. That your vegan journey is not About pounds or pence. But a better world for Human and beast. So Veganuary, Beganuary With a plant based feast. And not a milk chocolate Passed my lips. And the animals said thank you. And so did my hips. ____________________________ I have been vegan for a year after 4 years vegetarian. I remember the feelings, the doubts and the questions (from others and myself) about going vegan. Veganuary....I can do that...but fully vegan? Can I, should I? The answer was an unequivocal yes. A year on it is the best decision I have made. So if anyone has signed up for @weareveganuary and is not sure whether to carry on. Do. The choice of foods, recipes, cookbooks, the amount of support is fantastic. The animals will be smiling that you did. Good luck! ....and if you live in and around Worcestershire, UK, make sure to visit Be The Change cafe in Worcester for the best vegan food and drinks around. 

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