• Tony Frobisher


BR-EXIT, Not Yet Brexit And we're Drowning in a Confusion of sound bites And contradictions and changing positions And of terrible decisions With no end In sight Still _____________________________ Theresa May says 'No Brexit more likely than No Deal'....I say hurray. Approaching 2 years on and the Brexit debates and counter arguments, jockeying and jostling for a preferred deal or no deal, second referendum, back stop, amicable exit from the EU rumble on. And all this time, all this chest thumping, Europe hating, foreigner pillorying, we need to leave, the will of the people, Brexit is Brexit has seen the government focus on one sole issue. There is a country that needs to run. Blinded by Brexit, the NHS, the schools, small and large business sectors, the police, social services, penal and legal systems are struggling.... no one seems to care about anything other than Brexit. 

#Brexit #politics #socialcomment #government

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