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Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap Mind the gap Between intelligence and stupidity, Between ignorance and creativity, Between arrogance and humility, Mind the gap. Mind the gap Between truth and insincerity, Between kindness and cruelty, Between happiness and misery, Mind the gap. Mind the gap Between rage and tranquillity, Between selfishness and generosity, Between intransigence and possibility, Mind the gap. Mind the gap Between admiration and envy, Between comfort and poverty, Between understanding and inequity, Mind the gap. Mind the gap Between life and mortality, Between sense and irrationality, Between presence and obscurity. Mind the Gap _____________________________ Life should not be punctuated by the gaps, by polarisation between people. Between inequality and injustice. We should all work to ensure the gaps are closed. An understanding and awareness of others and a proactive, positive mindset to affect change for the better is something we could all benefit from. 

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