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Brexit Time - Some of my Friends (Remain or Leave)

Brexit Time - Some of My Friends (Remain or Leave) Some of my friends wanted to remain Some of my friends wanted to leave Some of my friends complain What has the EU ever done for me? Some of my friends shout and rant at the Brexit mob Loud of mouth and big of gob While some of my friends whine and drone About how leaving will be terrible A contrast refrain and constant remoan And none of my friends will ever see eye to eye This societal schism slit by a political sigh A referendum to test the will of the people They'll never vote to leave, just pie in the sky! A vote that prised open such passionately held views To the right, to the left, but who is who? And who wants what, And can we all agree on this Irish back stop? Leave or remain Brexit or complain Right or left Right or wrong Can't we all just get along? Some of my friends are Brexiteers Some of my friends are Remainers All thanks to the politicians and The tabloid papers ____________________________

Friend will be friends. But Brexit has driven a chasm through British society. Leave remain, go or stay. I have never seen such polarisation of opinion. Was it really necessary? Will it be worth it? Time will tell. And hopefully friends will still be friends.

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