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Reality on Love Island

Reality on Love Island I am stranded on Love Island Stuck in a Big Brother House Dreading stepping out into a world Where everyone just screams and shouts Daggers drawn and dagger glares Vote me, like me, camera stares Raging, ranting, fits of jealous pique But acceptance is all they try to seek Those body perfect cocksure ways, Wave after wave of selfie days. Endlessly strutting on a peacocked beach. Oiled up, sweat gleaming, tropical heat The sun bronzed and brain fried, Uploading perfect visions of their wonderful life. The Instagramification and Insta-gratification, A plea for recognition in sun-kissed desperation. Life evolved to the infernally bland Scrawled platitudes misspelt on bleach white sands. A constant vacuous vacuum of un-reality, Semi-scripted, inane smiles, soft focused for nightly TV. Anodyne conversation and asinine untruths, A world of muscle bound illerate youth. A world devoid of subtlety and gentleness, Populated by six pack washboard abs and vajazzled luxuriousness I am stranded on Love Island, Stuck in a Big Brother House. Happy to lock the doors and read a book And never ever again go out. Or turn on the TV. _____________________________ It seems television is awash with a glut of inanity, of 'reality tv', the Love Island, Geordie Shore, Towie, Big Brother, Ex on the Beach dumbed-down generation. Where every 'realitytv-person' is bronzed, chiselled, manicured, muscular, stunningly beautiful, potty-mouthed, loud-mouthed, jealous, shouty, strutting, self centered and in it for the fame and money and the inevitable spin off Reality ITVBe ITV2 TV show and a stint in panto over Christmas in Rhyll. And sadly the intelligence quotient is evidently lacking. A generation that has become the one for our children to admire and aspire to be like? Role models that spout unitelligence... "After Brexit, will we still have cheese?" Sums it up. Selfie time for the Insta people. For that is all that matters. 

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