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Good on you Brexit,

A timely reminder

To get the supplies in.

We'd better get stockpiling,

All those essential things

We really need, as our sceptic Isle

Prepares to leave the EU

(But when, who can tell?)

For our own special place in hell.

Good on you Brexit.

Time to check the cupboards and raid the shops

For when the Brexit ship sails,

Nothing will stop the rot.

So pile high your shelves

With McVities Digestives

Marmite and Custard Creams,

Boxes of Quality Street for the festive season

And build a wall of tinned baked beans.

Good on you Brexit

We almost forgot

To order the Blue passports and

Extra pairs of thick woollen socks

Don't forget the matches

And batten down your hatches,

While this Brexit storm will blow us to rags,

The government has ordered plentiful supplies

Of ibuprofen, Viagra and body bags.

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