• Tony Frobisher

Depths in Darkness

Depths in Darkness We live upon the surface, In rippling disturbance. A continual movement Towards the harsh blinding light. While life's storms are surface writ, We seldom seek the depths, Where silence and calm lie. A comforting darkness. _____________________________ How rare it is for people to break from the chaos of life, lived on the surface...stress, want, movement, rushing, worrying, desiring, dissatisfaction.... We should all take time to stop. To sink to our own depths, to find the silence and peace. To sit, eyes closed and breathe. And nothing more. To be enveloped in calm, the calm that quiet and darkness can bring. Darkness should not be feared, but welcomed. So much of our lives is spent in light, seeking light, preventing darkness. But without dark, we would not function in light.

#light #darkness #calm #mindfulness #peace

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