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Moon Notes

Moon Notes The moon looked out to a turning planet, A swirling world at a turning point, Riven and ravaged by mankind. Climate raging unstoppable. The sadness of oceans, Depths of blue that current wept With the whitened wisps of clouds Appeared as if timeless and unchanged. But the moon noticed And stared, a forlorn silent observer. You've changed, said the moon. You've changed. _____________________________ To see the Earth from space, the planet must appear as ever it did. Unchanged, recognizable. Oceans and continents, cloud formations, ice caps. Yet beneath the stratosphere, this planet, our one resource, Spaceship Earth, is being plundered, abused, ruined, destroyed, polluted, damaged, by mankind on an unprecedented scale. Will the moon look at Earth in 100 years, a 1000 years and see the same?

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