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The Colour of Spring

The Colour of Spring I sat, embraced by the colour of spring, Immersed in the warmth of a reborn sun, Emerging from winter dormancy. The sky was filled with cygnet wings, Early to flight and river bound, a gentle flow. Spring light glinted on rippling waves. The first hum of the bees Mingled with the swan song And happy called, winter's gone, winter's gone. The clouds hid in banished memories The grey scape and rain splash forgotten. The colour of spring silent arrived. Listen. The leaf unfolds, the buds burst. The season changed, painted in new sounds. And the colour of spring brings life, brings hope, brings peace. _____________________________ Yesterday Mark Hollis, lead singer and songwriter from Talk Talk passed away. His legacy is a wealth of music unsurpassed in influence and importance. Eclectic, different, at times challening to listen to, utilising silence and pause, but ultimately uplifitng and inspiring. My favourite album is The Colour of Spring. Today the weather is warm, cloudless blue skies. The colour of spring has arrived.

RIP Mark Hollis 

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