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Anthony Frobisher - Poetry

Anthony Frobisher - Poetry Collections

The Poetry of Anthony Frobisher - click the photo to view the books / author page on


Poetry speaks to us in so many ways. It moves us, provokes us, leaves us speechless and engaged in thought. It can shock and surprise, it can inspire and lift the ailing soul.

It can provide comfort and hope in the darkest of times. It can amuse and entertain and it can herald change and champion the rights and needs of those marginalized and persecuted. Poetry can give voice to the voiceless and weak, defenseless and helpless.

Poetry is not effete, but possesses strength and tenacity. Words and ideas to ignite passions and to kindle the flames of change. Words to soothe and console or to marvel and give joy for the world around us. To praise and celebrate, to chastise and castigate. But ultimately poetry is our soul, written down, exposed. For others to read and absorb and agree, reject, sympathize, challenge or enjoy.

My poetry is now available in 5 collections. Both in paperback and for Kindle download. The books feature different themes;

Nature's Change - Poetry of nature, the weather, the changing seasons, landscapes and seascapes

We Are People too - Poems for the refugee. Poetry written in response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis that has forced millions to flee their homes in the Middle East and Africa and head for Europe.

Of Tea and Timeless Scenes - Poetry that reflects travel, journeys, city-scapes and people and culture. Inspired by my own extensive period of travelling and living abroad.

The Silence In Between - The importance of silence, the need to find the calmness and peace in a world of constant noise. Poetry to help us be more aware of the need for time in stillness and to embrace a more mindful approach to life.

Commentary - Poems for Today and Yesterday - A collection of poetry relating to social issues affecting society today. From politics and the ongoing Brexit situation, social media, the environment, tolerance of others, history, to war and conflict.

My poems are available from

to view them and order, please click the photo to be taken to my author page.

Best wishes and thank you for reading.

Anthony Frobisher

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