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Follow Me Like. Follow. Follow me. Follow follow. Followers new. For a second or two. A hollow support. Unfollowed. Withdrawn. Unliked. Next. _____________________________ What does it say about people who like a post and follow you ... often a few seconds after the post appears. A poem written and considered, not even read...but liked and it garners you a following. But it doesn't. My follower numbers have been stable around 225. Yet everyday I gain 8, 10, more followers. Who no sooner decide to follow you, than they disappear. Unfollowed. Off to seek others who they will follow in the hope they will follow them back...and grow their followers. Does it even matter how many people like your photo or post? Is it important to have 10,000 followers? No. Are we sheep, are we sheeple? I don't write for likes or follows. I write to express ideas. For me. If others genuinely like my writing, poems, photographs, that is great. But this platform encourages the fake, the vacuous, the attention seeking, the vain. I have no time for them. For they have no time for anyone except themselves. They can go follow themselves.

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