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Brexit Britain Break Up

Brexit Britain Break Up (We're sorry Europe) We've got ourselves in a right old twist As we rage and rant and endlessly persist, That leave we must from our European ties. And therein they think the solution lies. To ditch the doubtful Germans, With their absolute wurst position And unravel the spaghetti mess of the Italian vision. To polish off the Polish and No longer appease the Dutch, Turn our backs on the Belgians, the Spanish, the Danes, the Greeks and the Luxumbergers. To wipe our hands of the European stain, And sod anyone who wanted to remain, Who now find themselves cut adrift, On a stiff British Brexit breeze. Strewn like the sand and blown like the leaves. Though the leavers remain firmly in place, And the remainers leave, chastened and depressed At the mess they see unfurled around, Shouting into a headwind that drowns out all sound. Stood on White Cliff tops where our exit's planned, Facing the ENGLISH (not European) Channel's 21 miles to those foreign lands Is it Europe we no longer welcome Or Europe that no longer welcomes us? A once great Britain that has kicked up a fuss over nothing. Over a selfish pride and chance to see our unity untied. Loosened and frayed ends, never again to be joined, a permanent goodbye? A Gallic shrug that sends us merrily on our way, To pastures and disasters new, Brexit for the many and bollocks to the few. The few, the 48 percent, that despair of the message we sent to our European friends. Britain is breaking up with you You're dumped, our relationship ends. _____________________________ Less than 4 weeks to go until the official Britain Quits Europe day. Brexit is coming. I can almost guarantee that the UK receives 'Nil Points' at the Eurovision song contest this year. Bugger. Such an unequivocal mess. I love Europe and am absolutely gutted. C'est la vie. Plus cą change.

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