• Tony Frobisher

How The Other Half Lives?

How The Other Half Lives? I've never been to Capri, Monaco or St Moritz, For all I know they could just be the pits. Full of urchins and oiks and obnoxious little gits, Fuelled by Special Brew, sniffing glue and getting totally lit. Run down shanty towns full of filth and squalor, Nights in flea bitten hotels for less than 5 dollars. Tired, drab streets in grey painted colours, Populated by the odd, the strange and extremely peculiar. No I've never been to Gstaad, Lake Como or St Tropez. They must be places where you would only dare stay, If you were down and out and in a rough way. No, I'd never go there, not even for a day. _____________________________ You'd think Europe was the pits of the earth by some of the tabloid newspaper reporting as Brexit gets closer. Why would you ever leave when in the UK 'we've never had it so good'?...austerity and food banks, rising numbers of homeless people living on the streets, poverty and a healthcare system in crisis. Escalating knife crime, gang culture, drug proliferation, intolerance, racial discrimination etc etc.

#richandpoor #inequalty #socialcomment #politics

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