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Social Kindness?

Social Kindness? Twitter spat Facebook fight Insta squabble, this can't be right, Or healthy or helpful or productive or nice If all we do is bicker and snarl and insult and smite Those of whom we may disagree Over how to make a decent cup of tea (It's teabag, then water and then the milk) But we rant and shout and curse their ilk Screaming and swearing at those who declare remain! or leave! Dishing virtual verbal (typed) smacks in the mouth to all who displease And have the temerity to say They just can't understand, agree or see your way Hammering keyboards and smartphones in rage Angry and puce and red of face Faces that remain faceless and hidden from sight Enough. Time for a break, I'm done with the pettiness. Time for some kindness. Goodnight. _____________________________ Any visit to the Twittersphere or The Land of Facebook Comment can quickly reveal the incessant nastiness, hurtful words and unpleasantness that threatens to drown out the quieter acts of kindness. It becomes very draining to see vile, abusive and downright horrible comments bandied about constantly. Every now and then, even though there are many beautiful acts of kindness on social media, it is important to distance yourself and switch it off. Unplug the negativity. A strong message I took from @mattzhaigand Notes On a Nervous Planet. Seeing, reading negativity is insidious. Take a break when the shouting gets too much. Look up from your phone and find the good around you. Find the kindness. It is there. You just have to look.

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