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Brexit Day

Brexit Day Brexit Day, here at last? An end to this protracted and tiresome farce? So turn out the lights if you would please, As you triumphantly march and excitedly leave And turn your backs and fart in Europe's general direction Perhaps it's time for a general election, Where no one will turn out to vote A political squeeze and grabbing of throats. You've sucked the life out of the people you serve, Enjoy your special place in hell, It may be just what you deserve. Though there may be hell to pay As we pass through and beyond Brexit Day. Because we still haven't left, we've not yet gone, More debate and rankle and heated argument to come. When will we leave, or will we forever stay Trapped in an endlessly repeating Groundhog Day? Mrs May's Meaningful Vote number 223. Oh sod it, turn off the radio, Twitter and the bloody TV. Brexit Day I'm done with this shambles of a show. No more ORDER!!! UNLOCK!!! No more AYES and NOES. Mr Speaker you've done your best, But I move an amendment, Can we all just give it a rest? _____________________________ Today, 29th March was supposed to be the day the UK formally left the EU. But we haven't... I still wish to remain. Call the whole thing off. Stay in the EU. But the political machinations go on and on and on and on...still no clear consensus, no plan. The country remains on hold.

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