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Brexit Fools Day (2nd April 2019)

Brexit Fools Day (2nd April 2019) Extension sought Tensions fraught Suggestions brought Arguments fought Havoc wrought Resolution naught ___________________________ After a 7 hour Cabinet meeting in Downing Street, the powers that be have come up with a that Baldrick would be proud of. After nearly 3 years, a deadline passed for leaving the EU, countless votes against Theresa May's withdrawal is the time. To reach out and ask Jeremy Corbyn to join hands for national unity. Now is the time to ask for yet more time to try and get the wheezing collapsing carcass of Brexit over the line. More time please EU? What for and no may well be the response. Just #revokearticle50, hold a #secondreferendum, a #peoplesvote What a mess. 

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