• Tony Frobisher


Distance Let the distance be but a moment's silence. That fraction between lightning flash and thunder crash. Let the distance be the quickness of a memory. A spark of happiness recalled. Let the distance be the pause between words spoken. A brief respite, a momentary nothingness. Let the distance be the millisecond between heartbeats. An ever present stillness. Let the distance be the flicker of a candle flame. The possibility of darkness, but never extinguished. Let the distance never reach beyond our horizons. For distance is nothing in thought. _____________________________ Distance, physical separation from those we love, those we have a connection to, can be a painful, saddening experience. But distance is nothing when you hold them always in your thoughts. For Milla. For Jewel. XxxX XxxX 

#distance #people #life #thoughts #memories #remembering

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