• Tony Frobisher

Broken Hill

Broken Hill Dusk arrives On Broken hill Dying of the light Unwavering still. Shadow space Present unoccupied That gaping hole Our saddened lives. Wind rush screams At blackening clouds Rain spattered runnels Channel sobbing sounds. Owl shocked screech Foxes yip, yap, yelp Caterwaul wails Drown cries for help. Save this day! Do not let it turn to night. A life that day too faded With the sun death, darkness plight. Plunged to the black cloak Hamstrung, limping, lame. Wearied night stumbling, mumbling, Moon eyes absorbing pain. Cool, welcoming grass, Broken hill, broken man. I could not save the day from night, Never could, never can imagine the grey hours And first whispers of day. Close my eyes to blacknight No more to walk, just stay Until the shadow space Once more appears, Cast by an ignorant sun, Returns to reconfirm my fears. _________________________________ Some days darkness penetrates long before sun fades to night. You want to prolong the day, hold on to the hope of light. But you can not. 

#sadness #life #lifeanddeath #bereavement #grief #depression

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