• Tony Frobisher

Spice Up Your Life

Spice Up Your Life Sugar & spice And all things not nice Screw up your life A hit at a time And pay the price. To slump on a bench Comatose & sprawled Witness to the outraged, offended & appalled Passers by trying not to see, Wondering why this is happening On our streets & in our towns These catatonic, immobile, spiced up Down and outs, not out of the way, But scoring a hit in broad Daylight and in front of school kids And office workers and shoppers. Spiced up packet poppers instant Freeze framed statues. The real big issue Affecting our society Awash with spice A zombie invasion A powder of blank dreams Sad, listless stagnation. A packet emptied, consumed Full of inebriated insobriety Town-centre-full, shameful notoriety. An ineptitude and uncaring attitude prevails As disgusted of the Shires writes In the letters page of the Daily Fail "These people are scum, littering the streets, Can't we get rid them, they're not very nice" But the problem won't ever go When you've spiced up your life. _________________________________ A very sobering debate on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning over the disintegration of our towns and cities, places where people feel uncomfortable and anxious...why? The rise of drug use, record numbers of drug deaths in Scotland. And the pitiful sight of people slumped, comatose, catatonic under the influence of 'Spice'. And for all the drug users, addicts, spice-heads are castigated, looked down upon, name-called and maligned, each person is a son or daughter, a brother or sister, maybe a parent too. How sad that a modern, prosperous country can seemingly tolerate and ignore this plight...which blights every town and city in the country. And for those helping, it can often feel helpless. As one caller said, he had been an addict, was taken off the streets to a charity/drug addiction centre, cleaned up, and now is part of society once more. That centre closed earlier this month. A lack of funds. So very sad.

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