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Cooks of Convenience

Cooks of Convenience I couldn't be bothered To cook today. To spend a few minutes Preparing away, The veg and the spuds Ready to steam and mash, I couldn't be arsed To chop and finesse and panache. So my potatoes were mashed On my behalf And wrapped in plastic So I wouldn't starve. And microwaved in minutes And wolfed down in haste Clean plates all round And sod the waste. That plastic, unrecyclable A single solitary use, Chucked away absent-minded, How much more can we produce. And waste and discard In to the rivers and seas? The scourge of the environment

Bringing Earth to its knees. But no, you're alright, I won't think of that, With a plastic ready meal Conveniently sat. In front of the telly And my favourite show. Food's eaten, plate's empty But the plastic will go, Out of sight out of mind And conveniently forgotten More greed, more plastic, We're all conveniently rotten.

Photo taken in Tesco, Warndon Villages, Worcester Is there really a market for pre packed mashed potato? Wrapped in single use plastic. Are people that lazy they can't peel and boil and mash some potatoes? The use of single use plastics in supermarkets is scandalous. And unnecessary.

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