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Magic Money Tree

Magic Money Tree Money grows on Magic money trees, Come what May Shoot the breeze. Spaff the lot On Brexit ads Sod the poor They've been had. To Sunlit Uplands And all aboard HMS Great Britain Yet we can't afford, Anything anymore. Except consultants and Ads peddling shite. Sod us all, Cos they'll be alright. No more money For teachers or nurses. Just a government Strengthening austerity, Pleading empty purses. The Magic Money Tree Spent of cash, Yet there's always Enough squirreled away. A special stash, That can be squandered And wasted through Profligate use. While the poorest Join ever lengthening Food bank queues. And the powers that be Will always smile Because they know The donkey always shits On the biggest pile. _________________________________ Millions and millions of pounds wasted on Brexit. Consultancy fees, the Ramsgate port debacle. And now the new PM Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson, looks spend £100m on an advertising campaign to convince is No Deal is not to be feared. Where are the promised benefits of Brexit? The financial win. Business boosts. Economic advantages? The Sunlit Uplands are ever cloudy. But there is never more money available for supporting the NHS, education, the poor, disabled, care system. The one's who suffer under austerity. Not those in government.

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