• Tony Frobisher

Night's Approach (Sea Light Fading)

Night's Approach (Sea Light Fading) Night's approach. The final dance Of the sea light. Until clouds rest In the blanket black. Seagulls tire of Squawk and caw. Muffled waves break On undisturbed shores, As night brings The silent comfort. And light slowly slips, Like sand flowing Between sky-fingers. The sea light lingers. The last sparks Of a happy day. Make way for The stillness of Night's approach. _________________________________ English Seaside, Summer 2019 After a day of frenetic activity, holiday makers and beach goers, the sounds of amusement arcades, children laughing and shouting, the hum of families and friends, talking, drinking, walking, eating, playing, arguing together, the sea light fades and night approaches. Calm, silence, peace returns.

#night #sea #seaside #calm #peace

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