• Tony Frobisher

There's Too Many Here

There's Too Many Here There's too many here So send them back. Herd them onto Megabuses Heading south of the Watford Gap. There's too many here Taking all our precious jobs. Grafting and working and helping the country, While we shoot off our gobs. There's too many here. Nurses and carers and office workers. Depriving and denying us employment. We, the opinionated shirkers. There's too many here, But when they are good and gone, There'll be no one to care for you, To change you and wipe your bum. There's too many here, Kick the immigants out. Let's make Britain great again, For those who rant, rail and shout. There's too many here, Who don't give a fuck. Who'd be happy to send them back, Crammed into a cattle truck. There's too many here. Well not any more. We've got rid of them And closed our collective door. There's too many here Privileged, racist and wrong. For when our country's on its knees, The immigrants will be gone. _________________________________ I watched a depressing report on Channel 4 news in the UK. Every person interviewed spouted the same Daily Mail and Sun anti immigrant nonsense... Some of the things they said, There's too many here Send them back 99% are in prison Thems that's got kids what speak English can stay That's my opinion, I'm a bit like that (ie racist) We should send them back...but not in a bad way Every person was middle aged or retired and white. When there are not enough doctors, surgeons, nurses, carers, dentists, office workers, labourers, fruit pickers, farm workers or shop assistants and the country starts coming apart, I wonder if they will start saying 'bring them back'. There is a shortfall of over 20000 nurse vacancies in the UK. And due to #Brexit the lowest application rate for overseas nurses. So much intolerance and racism rearing its ugly head since the Brexit vote.

#life #society #immigration #brexit #intolerance

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