• Tony Frobisher

Autumn's Promise

Autumn's Promise The promise of autumn Whence summer days to pass. A sky of deepening shades, A blue to ever-last? No hint or presage Of grey-damp shadowed streets. Autumn awaits its intrusion, As summer drifts to sleep. The clouds are all forgotten, Sullen and seldom found. But autumn gathers in silence, A-fronted and weathered sounds. The blue-sky warms delusion And hopeful days to remain. Yet autumn's promise is never broken, Come herald storm and wind and rain. _________________________________ A cloudless blue sky over the old Victorian former library in Worcester. Entering the last weeks of September, with no hint of autumn to come. But it is there. Waiting. A promise to return never broken. We'll enjoy the sunshine while we can.

#autumn #seasons #change #hope #nature

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