• Tony Frobisher

Cry Hurrah! (Down in the 'Spoons)

Cry Hurrah. (Down in the 'Spoons) Cry hurrah for Brexit, England and St. Spoons! In damp and malodorous, darkened rooms Sticky with beer spills and the spittle of rage, As they turn to another rant on another page Of the fetid Sun and rabid Daily Mail. And splutter insults at the desperate travails, Of the immigrants and the war wearied refugee. But sod them all, this land ain't free. The Spooners rallying cry Hurrah for Brexit, England and St. Spoons And you wonder why And where the tolerance has gone Cry hurrah. No just cry, This country's done. _________________________________ Wetherspoons. Last bastion of the gammon. Home to the intolerant. Not every leaver is a nasty piece of work, absolutely not. I know many friends who are ardent leavers, rational, polite, and still friends despite our differences. Yet, I doubt many, if any, regulars at the local 'Spoons read the Guardian or voted Remain.

#brexit #Brexit #politics #society

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