• Tony Frobisher

Waiting For Rain

Waiting For Rain The earth parched, Blistered and cracked, Dust bound, listless. And trees bowed, Exhausted and wilted, Scarred of leaf. The end of Burning wasteful days. Waiting the rains, Begging the clouds To pour forth, Heal and soothe. Hid the sun, Behind mourning clouds, Heat hazy, forgotten. A promised change. Hopeful winds rose In vainglorious thunder And rhythm sounds. The rains returned And earth wept, Satiated and joyful. The trees drank From wizened leaf And stoic root. And rivers swelled, Gushing delight passing Baked fields that Turned to sod. Dark mud cloyed In cooling air And welcomed rains. _________________________________ There is a wonder in waiting for rain after a spell of dry weather. Nature gasps, needing moisture and replenishment. And when the rain arrives, nature sighs in relief and smiles again. Photo: Rain shower over Worcester, taken from the Malvern Hills.

#rain #weather #nature

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