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White Beach

White Beach And you would stand against the tide resolute, A shrill bitter wind ravaged King Canute. Raging at the waves and armies of gulls Do not land, we're full, we're full! And you would stare at the setting sun, Blinkered and blinded, oh wounded one. Until the only world you saw was dark, Hatred filled skies, an unending task. And you would keep your beach an untainted white, Debris of life, out of mind, out of sight. Flotsam free and forever pure, Welcome to no one, on England's shore. _________________________________ England. Post Brexit referendum 2016. There is an unpleasant air that is pervasive, divisive, insidious. An air, an attitude of unwelcome, of rejection, of hostility and overt racism. England's shifting political sands, pointing the country to ever more entrenched positions. Anti immigrant. Anti EU. Anti refugee. Anti everything that is not 'like us'. White, privileged and free. And that is shocking. And these voices rage and raise the temperature further, rallying calls to the idiotic minority that view any foreign presence here as wrong. Brexit has emboldened the racist, the far right. The majority of leavers did not envision nor wish for this. We are all one under the same sun. Racism has no place, no place at all. Welcome one, welcome all.

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