• Tony Frobisher

Aging (A Poet at 51)

Aging (A Poet at 51) And what has aging brought? Beyond the sagged jowl and chin, The eyebrows that flourish unbidden And the final strands of hair, Wisped and threadbare, stubborn And steadfast refusing to leave. And what has aging brought? To accompany the reluctance of The finality of youth And belt buckle loosened And the truth of girth's gain And waisted time. And what has aging brought? Beyond the slowness of step And blurring of sight. The straining of the ear And aches and pain, plain bedfellows, Constant houseguest present. And what has aging brought? A merriment in learning And wisdom gained from A trust of instinct and patience. A distinct voice of worth and merit And the distance and value of time. ________________________________ Aging...getting older and noticing the advance of time and changes to the physical self. But with age comes wisdom, or so it is said..... 

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