• Tony Frobisher

Mirror Dark

Mirror Dark A mirror stare into the abyss, Surface scored with the black-lines. Drawn to the well of emptiness, But the mirror refuses to reflect. Casting only darkness. Nothing left. Nothing left. Drained of everything you are, A palpable increasing dolour. Eyes scanning the void For light that ever faded. Casting only darkness. Nothing left. Nothing left. _________________________________ Grief. Bereavement. Loss. Sadness. Depression. Loneliness. Some days are much harder than others. Some hours are unexpected, hitting you when you were unprepared. A memory, a moment, a sound, a sight, a smell. Something that triggers the sadness. Every. Single. Day. The feeling is always there. Some days the mirror is kind and reflects well. Others is is cruel, dark, unreflective and hurtful. 

#sadness #grief #loss #bereavement #mentalhealth #depression

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