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A Hundred Tongues

A Hundred Tongues In freedom's name they came And fought, to fall and lie, No answers sought, No questions why. The Canadians, Jamaicans, Americans and Indians. The Aussies, Kiwis, Irish and South Africans. The brave, the young, A million men, In a hundred tongues. So remember well 'England's Glorious Victory' Where the Scots and Welsh, Stood as one in history. For as they forever lay, And the war was won. We remembered them. The brave, the young. A million men, In a hundred tongues. _____________________ #VEDay #VEDay75

8th May 2020, the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Victory in Europe day. A celebration of the end of war in Europe, an end to fighting, a return to peace.

A chance to remember the sacrifice of all who served, those who fell and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Those who survived and returned, changed by their experience. All who served. Britain, England, did not win the war. It was won by so many brave soldiers, airmen, sailors from many different nations. This is sometimes overlooked, shamefully, by our jingoistic tabloid press. You would be forgiven for thinking that England stood alone. We never did. We never could. The medal is my late Grandad, Ernest Frobisher's, Legion d'Honneur. He was decorated with France's highest military medal in 2017, a year before he passed away. He was honoured for his role in the Normandy D Day invasion and the liberation of France. Grandad passed away in 2018, just before his 98th birthday. God bless you Grandad. March on.

#remembrance #history #worldwartwo #military #medal

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