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In Limbo

In Limbo Locked down, in limbo, Suspended civilization. Grounded and home-stuck, Virtual hugs and conversations. The new normal, Where three's a crowd, And to congregate and mingle, Is no longer allowed. Viewed from behind the window Wrapped up in a mask, Two metres apart and Seizing the chance to Get out and jog, cycle or walk. Listening as nature Breathes again and talks. In birdsong, fox calls The wind in the trees, The silence of life, Carried upon the breeze. Locked down, in limbo, Who knows for how long. A chance to reflect on What we got wrong, And how once this passes, We can try with renewed will, To make our world A better place still. _____________________________ Locked down In Limbo A chance to reflect and hopefully emerge from this terrible situation and make the world a much better place. Best wishes

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