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In The Crowd

In The Crowd I am in the crowd. A sea-swell of voices and faces Pulsating and swaying. I am in the crowd. Lost and absorbed, Trampled by a thousand eyes. I am in the crowd. A presence ignored, Faces blank as night. I am in the crowd. Unseen and unnoticed. I am the whisper no one hears. I am in the crowd. That disperses around me Leaving me alone, stranded. I am no longer in the crowd, I am the loneliest figure. I am the crowd. _______________________________

I was in a crowd of over 1,000 people. All of whom seemed to be with other people, friends, colleagues.

And I was struck by loneliness. That sense that no one knows me, nor I them. No one to talk to or share the experience with. A loneliness borne from shyness and anxiety, the emptiness and disconnection from life after my daughter passed away. In a huge crowd, I was alone. I was lonely.

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