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Locked Down and Confused

Locked Down and Confused I've put the dinner in the fridge, Stirred salt in my tea. Put my pants on back to front, Written Friday where Monday should be. I've put my washing in the bin, Recycling in the washing machine. Defrosted the microwave twice, Dished up ice cream and baked beans. I'm locked down and confused, Not a clue of the day or time. Read every single book I own, But can't remember a single line. My twelfth cup of tea, Downed before half past eight. Taken daily be-slippered walks, As far as the garden gate. I've watered all the plants, With a bottle of diet coke. Brushed my teeth nightly, With a bar of foaming soap. I'm trying to look my best, With a foot long straggly beard. 'Zooming' in dressing gown and tie And not feeling at all weird. I've sat transfixed on the sofa, Every night for News At Ten. All confusion dissipated, Wondering when this will ever end. I've watched with admiration, With increasing feelings of pride, As our doctors, nurses & carers, Have struggled to keep us alive. My locked down confusion Is only a temporary phase. But those who work with unflinching care and compassion, Deserve nothing but unstinting praise. So while I continuously scurry, Between TV, fridge and rest. I'll give thanks for the NHS, A nation at its best. ___________ Last customer at the post to endure the weekly shop in Tesco. I will obey all the arrows and not backtrack. I will not backtrack. For Those About To Shop, We Salute You Time to queue

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