• Tony Frobisher

Night Solace (Welcome Cold)

Night Solace (Welcome Cold) I walk on an unlit path, Each step crisp to first frosts And solace found in The gentle cloak of darkness. A lonely shiver. Star lit exhalations illuminated in A million breath crystals. The moon parts the clouds And a welcome cold descends. A frozen stillness. Trees form silhouettes against The river where warmth Once laid it's happy hand, But now the flow is cold. A chilling blackness. I wait for morning, Surrounded by night sounds. Ice encases evening rains In a patina of silence. A welcome cold. _________________________________ Welcome cold and solace found in the cloak of darkness. We all take comfort in the darkness, a place where we can hide our fears and emotions. I have found darkness a cold comfort of late. I've needed to hide in darkness.

#mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #loneliness #night #darkness

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