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Life Waves

My 8th poetry collection, Life Waves, is available now in both Kindle Download and paperback.

Life Waves.

Life pulses around us, sometimes gently, rhythmically, soothing, the calmest of summer days by a beautiful ocean shore. Other times the waves are urgent, violently crashing against us, venting their anger and sadness and pain.

The poems in this collection are a reflection on the waves of life that I have witnessed and experienced in recent times. From the fear and panic of the coronavirus pandemic, an enforced lockdown that has reshaped our lives in ways we never could have expected, creating what will surely be the ‘new normal’, to the inherent peace and stillness, the soothing balm of nature. The beauty of our environment. A consciousness that as the world went into lockdown, the natural world breathed again, the environment began to undo the damage we have wreaked upon it and began to repair itself.

My own journey has been faced with the tsunami of grief and bereavement. Losing 2 daughters, the subsequent impact on my mental health. The feeling of drowning in an uncontrollable swell of anxiety and depression. Sinking lower, but thankful to resurface and begin the long swim towards recovery.

The shift in society towards one where the screen rules us. Social media steers our thoughts, dominates our lives and shapes our personalities. Something inconceivable only a decade or so ago. Where our online persona and the desire for likes (ergo, to be liked) has become the definition of who we are and the new reality.

And what of our society today? Brexit Britain, broken, irreparable or looking ahead with hope and optimism?

Life Waves is a journey reflecting the current tumultuous tides of life, our world and society. But, whenever storms rage upon the sea, we know they will again pass to calm. I hope the poems in Life Waves will ultimately bring you to a calmer, better place.

Best wishes,

Anthony Frobisher

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