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Why does the wind whisper your name?

Why does the sun mirror your smile?

Why does the sea shimmer like your soul?

Why does the moon reflect your silvered-eyes?

Why does the air after rain smell of you?

Why does the dew refresh my memory?

Why does the river flow like your laughter?

And why does the second hand move further away from you with every tick?


For all those we love and cherish, a poem of memories. For in every moment, I am surrounded by sights and sounds and smells that bring my daughter Milla to mind. And may they never cease.

Best wishes,


Parent Carer Champion, Acorns Children's Hospice

Photo: My twin daughters Louisa and Milla on their 9th birthday. Louisa is now 14, and Milla will forever be 10. But this photo is my perfect reminder of Milla, her smile and laugh. And how much she and her sister loved each other.

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